I’ve never been a mum or a person who likes to take drugs. And when I say drugs I am not meaning ice or heroin. I just mean Panadol.

When I was pregnant for the first time, my birthing plan was to squeeze a ball and moan in the bath. It ended with 30 hours of moaning and ball squeezing and then an emergency c section with lots of drugs. It certainly did not go to plan. But the drug free intention was there.

When I get a headache I hold off on taking Panadol as long as I can. When one of my four kids get ill I hesitate to give them Panadol. And here I am now pumping my four year old with drugs.

My daughter Ruby was recently diagnosed with leukaemia. And from day one she has had all sorts of drugs. Drugs to kill the cancer. Drugs to prevent stomach ulcers. Drugs to lower temperatures. Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. 

Th dilemma if I don’t give her the drugs she will die. I have no choice and now syringes and bribes is just a way of life. 

“Have this medicine and you get ice cream, a present, kit Kat, anything'” I hear myself saying three times a day.

I pray the cancer cells die and my little girl stays in tact to live a normal fun filled life. Without any awful side effects. This little girl deserves it. 


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