Thanks for the giggles 

“Are you awake?” My husband Ed said one early morning. I mumbled something from my deep slumber.  Ed was giggling. There had not been much giggling in our house since out daughter Ruby had been diagnosed with leukaemia. 

I opened one eye.  “We are getting another lasagna delivered this morning,” he said. Spluttering out the words. You see just the day before we had a lasagna delivered. And two days before that we had one delivered and days before that another. The fridge was full of lasagna. 


Food is just the best medicine. Nothing like homemade dinners delivered to the door. The generosity of our friends and their culinary skills is incredible. And I am eternally grateful. 

The excitement of not knowing what’s coming  through the door and when has kept us all laughing. All excited. Thank you everybody. 

We have gobbled up every lasagna, curry, chicken legs, rice salad, soup, pasta bake, bolognaise that has come through the door. Inhaled every brownie, cookie, cake and slice. 

 But to every lasagna I want to say not only thank you for the delicious meal but also thanks for the giggles. 

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