Sobbing I remember asking a nurse on our ward “will she lose her hair?”  “Yes” was the shocking answer. I couldn’t believe it. 

Just yesterday we were at nippers sipping a coffee and enjoying beach life and wondering what’s for lunch. And today I was in an oncology ward with my four year old who had just been diagnosed with leukaemia. 

Ruby has beautiful blonde long hair. Always trying to get the knots out but always enjoying her hair do of the day – plaits or pony tail? It was important to her. And important to me, especially after three boys and boring visits to barber shops. 

To hear that is was going to fall out just punched me in the heart. 
That night while Ruby slept. To the sound of the machines pumping blood into some kids and medicines into others I googled ‘rainbow beanie’. And found an etsy site with a gorgeous one. 

Under the covers I messaged Kaisha at the Whimsyhen – the girl who made them to inquire cost. A quick reply and a quick order and an even faster delivery. 

When we got the beanie I sent Kaisha a message and told her about Ruby and why we wanted the beanie. Her reply took my breath away. 

“I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. What a horrible situation to be in. I wish you and her the very best of luck as she undergoes her treatment. My son is the same age and I just can’t imagine what you are going through. It makes me very proud to know that you chose my beanies for her, and after hearing your story I would really love to make her another one, in the colours or style of your choice. Just let me know what she would like.” 

I cried. 

How kind. I accepted her incredible offer and pretty soon two beanies – rainbows and blue skies and frozen (of course) – and one rainbow owl arrived. 

I could not speak. Kindness from people you don’t even know touches the heart in unimaginable ways. 

Thank you. Can’t wait for the rainbow blanket to arrive. I had to order that straight away. Can’t get enough of home made rainbow love! And boring hospital whites need some colour. This will do the trick. 


And it has arrived. With s beautiful note: 

“Thank you for your order Stephanie! I hope Ruby loves her blanket, there isn’t a single stitch of white on there!”    

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