I have never before longed to laugh. Laughing has always been part of my everyday.My Wrinkles  attest to that. Until now. 

Since my daughters diagnosis with leukaemia I have found it hard to laugh. When I say laugh I mean really belly laugh. Before I would laugh at my boys doing tricks in the hall or laugh with my work colleagues or laugh with my husband about the day!

Things just don’t seem as funny anymore. 
Listening to my beautiful girl laugh just lights up my heart and that has happened at hospital so many times. 

Amid the horror of our day somehow Ruby can laugh. And so can I. Because of the amazing clown doctors And the hilarious puppet Dean from Camp Quality. Wow! 

 We both see your cheeky faces arrive and instantly my heart feels lighter. And Ruby comes alive. For a second you let me forget the reality. Something that you can not really imagine how it feels. But it’s incredible. 

What you do is so important. You break up the trauma of our reality – needles medicine chemo and pain. 

A four year old deserves to laugh a lot and every day. And what you do ensures that happens. Such an important job. You inspire me to continue on and belly laugh every day and often. Thank you. X


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