Five cheese and bacon rolls for breakfast. Four ham sandwiches. Three fried egg sandwiches. Sound like the appetite of a four year old girl?

No way! But for my little girl who has recently been diagnosed with ALL this is a normal breakfast! All washed down with chocolate milk and a tub of vanilla ice cream. 

Today is day 28 of steroids and Ruby has gained more than 6 kilos. She is now 26 kilos. 

Steroids also known as Redipred that Ruby  takes three times a day increases your hunger. And that is absolutely true. For lunch just an hour after breakfast Ruby consumed two vegemite sandwiches and one ham sandwich. And says she is still hungry! 

Steroids also make you grumpy ( that would explain the number of “I hate you’s” I have been told lately) and balloons your face. Also leg pain that started today. And high blood pressure (also spiking today) 

Before treatment photo March 15 2016. Long hair and 20 kilos. 


When we got out of hospital that first week we had Ruby’s haircut. Her long hair no more. Very cute and stylish. 

Here she is Day 28 of steroids – April 12 2016

Tomorrow we start to taper the steroids and in 10 days they will end. And so will start stage two. 

 We are excited to stop the steroids but I am also scared of what is next. 

They say appetite falls.  Nausea may set in. 

We are ready stage two. Bring it on. 

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