Home sweet home

I’ve seen the sign “home sweet home”, usually embroided in my memory, framed and hanging on the walls of many homes in movies. Usually a western move with John Wayne as the hero!

I always thought it was a bit of a silly sign. In my mind home is nice but not sure if I’d say it’s sweet. Until now. 

My four year old was recently diagnosed with leukaemia. We are one month into treatment and have spent a lot of time in hospital. Many days and nights. And nights and days. They all run into one long time. 

And I have to say when you are given the green light to go home, even just for one night, it is definitely sweet. 

There is just a comfort, a happiness, about being at home. You can relax. Laugh. Be normal. Even if it is only for 24 hours. 

Home is sweet. Home sweet home! 

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