Red and Purple

“Hello” said a familiar voice as I sat in what felt like hell.

It was 9pm on a Monday night. I was by Ruby’s bedside in the emergency section of Randwicks children’s hospital with Ed. Ed and I had just been told that Ruby our four year old had leukaemia.

“Hi” I said completely shocked and wanting to fall into a hole. It was our friend Leesha and her daughter Violet. Violet had stomach aches and so was in emergency.

I did not want to say what Ruby had.

I had not accepted the diagnosis yet.

Definitely wasn’t telling anyone. Once you tell someone it’s true I thought. And this wasn’t going to be true.

The doctor did say he would be delighted if he was wrong. But he was pretty sure he was right.

He was going to be delighted I thought when he’s wrong. He was going to be wrong!

Leesha and Violet went off to do their tests and we did ours. We both ended up staying the night. We were in the cancer ward c2w and Violet and Leesha were somewhere else. Less serious.

I wished I could swap with them.

In the morning I was going to swap wards and join violets “less serious” ward as my doctor was going to be wrong.

Leesha and Violet visited us the next day. I cried. Leesha cried. The girls played. Violet and Ruby have a lovely bond. They are both named after colours of the rainbow maybe that is why.

Strangely Leesha and Violet have continued with us on our journey. We met them at a street party a few years ago and never imagined they would be our travel companions in hell.

Ruby has now started treatment and ticks off the days to her recovery. We have completed one month. Violet is having more and more tests.

Violet has spent nights and days on c2w now too. The “more serious” ward.

Hopefully they diagnose Violet soon and she goes home. And her doctor is delighted he is wrong. As we never got to delight Ruby’s doctor. He was right. She has leukaemia. Our doctor will be delighted when she is cancer free.

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