Worlds collide 

When my Redkite social worker Vanessa handed me my red bag I felt ill.

It wasn’t the bag that made me sick it was what it stood for.

The bag was as many before me had described it  “a warm hug”. And I knew it had been described as that because I am the PR account manager of Redkite.

My worlds had just collided. I had crossed the line and was now not only working for Redkite but I was also a client.

Days before I had been researching the services Redkite offers and reading case studies to see if there was a family we could showcase to put in front of media to raiseRedkites profile. And now to my horror I was that family. Ruby and I were the case study.

That red bag was filled with everything you could need or want – tea bags, hot chocolate, a beautiful bear, toothpaste and toothbrush, so very thoughtful and useful.

The story books Vanessa gave me were also amazing. Great books to read to my boys at home to help them understand Ruby’s journey. Books to read to Ruby for her to understand what was happening.

Redkite is an incredible charity. I always knew that from the outside looking in. But now I am on the inside   I know for sure.

Thankyou Redkite.

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