Stuck in the middle 

The sandwich generation – I never really understood what that meant until recently. 

My four year old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia last month and my 71-year old mother had a heart attack a few weeks later. 

And now I am stuck in the middle. 

My daughter is a real mummy’s girl. She needs me by her side to get through this. I need to be there. 

My mother divorced my dad when I was three (I am now 44) and she has been on her own since. My brother lives in Greece. My mother needs me too. I need to be there. 

I am most certainly the ham in the sandwich. Whether I like it or not. Two people need me and I am stepping up with a fierce determination to get them better. 

My mum until recently helped with my four children. I was back at work full time. My husband working full time. We hired an Aupair but mum was the glue. 

Now it’s coming unstuck. 

There was a scramble at first and now a peaceful realisation. I can be the glue! I can do this. 

This is the biggest job of my life. Forget being a New York lawyer or a journalist during the 911 attacks. 

Paid work will always be there. For now this is where I belong. 

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