Second line of Friends 

When you get hit with terrible news like your four year old has cancer you reach out to your family and close friends first. 

The news eventually trickles it way down the line touching others that you know and people that you don’t know. 

What I have found so absolutely incredible and overwhelming is the love and kindness of this second layer of people. 

These are people that  you may chat to in the school yard or park. A quick hello. An impromptu giggle. You may not even know their name. But they somehow find your contact details, where you live and without intruding send a heart felt message, a beautiful meal or a gorgeous gift. 

That kindness has made me cry so many times. Tears of joy. It has touched me so very deeply and made me think about friendship. 

This time in my life I feel so fragile. At times so alone and unlucky. But when my second line of friendship shows up with dinner, cookies, brownies, activity books or a beautiful email,  I feel strong. I can keep going. I will keep going. Not just for Ruby but for all these people and their incredible kindness. 

Thank you so very much. 

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