Sleeping away from home

Before Ruby was diagnosed with leukaemia I had hardly slept away from my husband and boys. 

We are a very close family and as a result have enjoyed hanging out together and being together pretty much all the time. I rarely had a girls weekend away. And my husband preferred not to travel for work. We just love being together. 

Since the diagnosis sleeping away is commonplace. And tonight I find myself yet again at Randwick children’s hospital ward C2W. Bed 12 this time. 

Picture a room divided into four beds seperated by paper blue curtains for privacy. You can hear everything.  Every cry. Every roll over in the squeaky beds. Every vomit. Every beep on the machines pumping blood, medicine or liquid into the little people’s bodies. 

Each child lies in their bed. And one parent next to them in a pull out chair. 

Each and every time we are here I am so proud of beautiful Ruby. She lies there and chills out. Let’s the nurses prod and poke her in the night – checking temperatures and blood pressure – and taking blood in the night. 

I lie awake most of the night with my heart racing. Nodding off and then waking to another child’s pain. Ruby sleeps like an angel. Thank goodness. 

Should get to go home this morning. Ruby had her two litres of blood overnight. She should be energised and a nice day of craft and cuddles at home hopefully lies ahead. 

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