Stage two – chemo pills. Injections and hospital visits 

We are now one week into stage two and find ourselves with an unplanned hospital stay. Quite commonplace at this time in Ruby’s treatment. 

Ruby woke up looking more pale than normal and lack lustre. There wasn’t a fever but she just wasn’t well. I packed up the bags and off we toddled to hospital. 

Ruby unfazed really. Hospital is common place and Ruby knows hospital makes her better. 

In this stage of treatment Ruby started with a massive chemo drug intravenously over six hours. The treatment stage ends with this chemo drug again. 

The chemo enters her body for just an hour via he’d port or magic button.  The remaining five hours is flushing water through her little body to prevent kidney damage. 

Ruby also has a chemotherapy tablet every night. Banana medicine or Bactrum three times a week to prevent lung damage. And chemotherapy injections in her leg four days in a row. With an anti nausea tablet chaser to ensure she doesn’t feel sick. 

That’s a lot for a little girl who rarely had Panadol. 

I try to block it all out. Just follow the schedule and not think about it. There is no choice. No drugs and Ruby could die. A life without my Ruby is not one I can ever consider. 

So together we stay strong and mix up the massive amount of drugs with cuddles, love and laughter. 

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