Beautiful volunteers

I have met some of the most incredible people at Sydney children’s hospital in Randwick. So inspiring and kind. The nurses and doctors – wow! – and the absolute standouts – the volunteers. 

These volunteers are angels and every time I chat to them they bring a tear to my eye and a put a lump in my throat. Such an incredible job they do to put smiles on the kids faces and the parents during a sad and scary time. 

So many to mention. Here are two. 

There is Jimmy in emergency who pops around the emergency ward where kids are distressed – broken limbs, sore tummies and for my Ruby – cancer. 

Jimmy jokes, tells stories, has loads of things to take the kids mind off what is happening. 

Last time we were in emergency jimmy had a frozen colouring book and a DVD player so Ruby could watch frozen. How amazing. Big smiles on her face. And mine. 

Then there is Jen. She is in her early twenties and told me she comes to c2n every Tuesday to do craft with the kids waiting in the boring waiting room. 

When we met Jen she walked into a crowded waiting room filled with families that were tired and scared and sad. She Walked in without a word. Sat at the kids table and scattered coloured paper and pens and sparkles on the table. She didn’t talk to the kids encouraging themto join in. She just started making beautiful craft. And like the pied piper age had all the kids pretty quickly sitting at the table making things. 

Was just beautiful. And peaceful. And joyful. 

A big thank you to the volunteers for putting a smile on my Ruby’s face and mine. You make this sad journey fun. 

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