Music Matt always makes me cry

There is an incredible man called Matt who plays music at Sydney’s children’s hospital in Randwick.

You can be sitting in the ward wondering how on earth you are going to get through the next five hours and you hear Matts guitar strum. Instantly excitement on my face and my daughter Ruby.

“It’s music Matt,” Ruby says with joy. “I hope he comes in here.”

And in he enters with a trolley full of instruments from egg shakers to a triangle.

He remembers Ruby’s name and asks how she is and then starts to play a tune.

And always without fail I cry.

Matts voice is incredibly beautiful. So calm and loving. It is like a warm hug to hear him sing, an act of kindness, and my eyes can’t help but cry. The tears are not of sadness but of relief. Music definitely touches the soul. And music Matt makes me and Ruby feel good. Thank you. And thank you redkite  – they fund the music therapy program and make Matt a reality.

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