Waking up this Mother’s Day at home was special. 

Other years I have wondered how I can kiss the kids for their cards, drink a cold cup Of tea, and run out the door to relax quietly without them. But this year all I wanted was the four of them near me. On me. Next to me. Kissing me. Yelling at me. Just being there. 

Ruby’s diagnosis of leukaemia has put my life in perspective and being at home, all of us, for Mother’s Day was amazing. The best Mother’s Day ever. 

The day started with listening to giggles in the kitchen while Ruby and my husband ed made cupcakes. The icing was made by Ruby and her brother will. “Too much milk in the icing” they both giggled as they handed them to me to eat for breakfast in bed. 

Will my Number two boy aged 9 became the French waiter. He read the menu which included toast or eggs it cereal. Took my order of toast. And appeared rather quickly with toast smothered with a thick spread of vegemite. Mmmmmm!!! 

Tommy my number three boy aged 7 was the entertainment as I lay in bed. He danced and sang and delivered a cup of tea. Gorgeous! 

Max my eldest boy aged 11 gave me a home made card that said how much he loved me and had a gorgeous photo of him inside. Made me cry. 

Ruby proudly handed me her card that we had made together in hospital earlier in the week. She had added a few additional drawings and was so proud. 

It was perfect. 

Presents include a promise of a massage. I Will definitely have that soon. And an Apple Watch from Will – how could a 8 year old boy afford an Apple Watch you may ask? See below 

He giggled and giggled. So did I. Best Apple Watch ever. 

Love my family. Proud mummy I am. 

Fun photos of the day below. My mum came to lunch too. Nice to have her up and about! 

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