I am on a journey into hell with a slice of heaven on the side.  There is no other way to describe it.

Ruby my four year old was diagnosed with leukaemia eight weeks ago. My life went from glam high heel wearing PR professional to pj wearing carer who often forgets to brush her hair or teeth!

The hell I am in is obvious. My baby girl has cancer.

The heaven is less obvious.  Let me explain.

The people we have met along the way – from the nurses and doctors to other mums dads and children on the ward are the heaven.

They keep you going.

Your friends and acquaintances who are keeping the freezer stocked and Ruby’s craft cupboard full are the heaven. The flower deliveries and massage vouchers are also heaven!

The charity groups like the starlight foundation providing endless presents and prizes and laughs. Their energy just when mine has run aground is the heaven.

And seeing a side to Ruby and connecting with her in the most unimaginably special is the heaven.

I have seen how brace Ruby can be. How courageous she is. How clever age is listening to what is happening. Taking it on board and always working out a way to get it done. From taking medicines. To fasting for operations.

Ruby is my heaven. She is most certainly keeping me going and is my slice of heaven. I love you.

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