Fast forward 2016

There is so much talk these days in the media about living in the present and living in the now. Mindfulness is the new black. 

But for me I have to say in my world I am anything but living in the now. 2016 is dead to me. I want to press the fast forward button. I am living for Christmas. 

Not for the presents or egg nog or an amazing holiday we have planned. No! Just simply to have my Ruby back, healthy once again. To be together as a family of six. 

You see my four year old daughter Ruby was diagnosed with leukaemia in March 2016. Understandably with that brought shock, disbelief, anger and sadness. 

The doctors said the treatment would be intense for 6-8 months. By my calculations that took me to November. So my mantra is bring on Christmas. 

Never have I so looked forward to sitting on Santa’s lap with my four children and my husband Ed. 

2016 is dead to me. A year forgotten. The year that tried to break me. Ruby and I will win. 

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