My beautiful girl has spiked a fever. Not just once but lots of times. And is being pumped full of antibiotics. 

It makes me feel so helpless and sad and worried and panicked. 

But there is nothing I can do. 

I just want morning to arrive. Things always feel better in the morning. And my husband Ed will be here in the morning. He is always amazing at being calm and positive and fun. 

In the space of 24 hours Ruby has had/done

– wee sample (two) 

– poo sample

– bloods taken twice 

– ecg to check her heart

– chest X-ray 

– throat swab

Ruby’s blood cultures have started to grow something fungal. Doctors race in and out of the room all night checking her, waking me to update me. All too much really. I am numb. 

Morning arrives and so did my husband and a coffee. Everything seems brighter. Ruby is bright. What an incredible girl. So lovely and easy. She just gets that she is sick and this is what she has to do. 

More tests ordered.

– heart echo

– ultrasound

– eye test

– nose swab

And the inevitable – removal of her port. So fasting started 930am and she was operated in at 930pm. What an amazing girl. 

Now I sit and wait for her. Can’t wait to hug her. She is amazing. My hero. 

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