Let it go

The frozen song Let It Go has become a theme song during Ruby’s treatment. 

She sings it. We Play it. We request it. And beautiful friends learn the words and how to play it on the keyboard and record it. 

This clip cane through the night Ruby had to have her port removed. She had been fasting since 930am and the operation did not happen until 12 hours later at 930pm. 

We returned to our room starving and sore and unhappy. I scrambled to try and make her happy – ham sandwiches, mini meat pies, water, orange. 

I then checked my messages and this clip was there. The most perfect timing. Ruby sat in bed eating her smorgasbord of food at midnight and pressed play. 

Her watery eyes from crying lit up. Her face that had just minutes before been grimacing turned to a relaxed smile. She looked and felt at ease. So very happy. 

For the next 20 minutes she continued to press play. Showed the nurses. And eventually fell asleep happy. 

Thank you beautiful friends. You love and support  keeps us going. 

Second rendition below. A good chuckle. Thank you. 

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