It’s just like a donut 

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What a day!

I set my alarm today at 630am to prepare breakfast for Ruby. The rule is no solids after 7am and no liquids after 11am. 

Ruby was scheduled  for a ct scan to check her body for possible exposure to the fungal infection in her blood. 

The doctors were unsure she could do the scan without a general anaesthetic. So we were fasting just in case. 

All day (up until 130pm) I was preparing Ruby for the experience.  Having never had one I was unsure too. Does it hurt? How long is it? Will it be noisy? Great questions. 

The hospital came upstairs to ruby with a special video to explain. The lovely play therapist assured Ruby it was like going through a donut you can’t eat! 

Ruby turned to me and said “mummy I can do this awake”. 

The time came for us to head down for the scan. Into her wheelchair she got and we headed down. My heart racing. Will she do it without the anaesthetic?  Will they find anything? Please please don’t find anything. 

I was allowed to stand in the room with her. Reading her a story. Singing songs. All the while wearing a metal jacket that was super hot and heavy. I was pleased I had scoffed down half a sandwich to help prevent me fainting. What use would I be on the floor? 

To conclude Ruby did it. It was loud. It was hot and it did feel long. And yet again she was so brave. 

And a doctor quickly visited that evening to say no evidence of infection anywhere. Hurray! We celebrated with a bbq chicken, chips and Greek salad washed down with a glass of lemonade. Tasted so good. Tomorrow is a new day. 

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