Two weeks and counting 

I have been at Sydney Children’s hospital in Randwick now for two weeks. 

At first all I wanted to do was go home. Now I am scared to go home and can’t even imagine it. 

Ruby came into emergency with a fever on Friday 13 May at 3am. It was determined she needed platelets and red blood cells , antibiotics and acyclovir for the ulcers in her mouth. 

Today is Saturday 28 May,our third Saturday here, and we have been through so much namely a fungal infection that has resulted in Ruby’s port being removed. 

I feel like screaming most days. But I know I have to be strong for ruby and be happy, after all it’s not me spiking fevers and feeling crap or vomiting in the night. Ruby is putting on a brave face and going it all. So must I. 

Just now she had her second canula put in.  She screamed so much. “They said it wouldn’t hurt but it did”. It just breaks my heart. 

I am so sorry baby girl. I wish I could just pick you up and take you home. But I know we are here to get better. And it takes time. Maybe even 2-3 more weeks! Ouch! Home will feel very strange when we get there. But I know it will be like a warm hug. 

Can’t wait for that when its our turn. 

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