It starts with a moan. And then a shiver. Pile on 5-6 blankets for about 15 minutes. Then strip the bed and put cold towels on her head and cheeks and neck. 

Sometimes she vomits. Most of the time she is very thirsty. My precious little angel. 

This is the drill at the moment every seven hours! 

Ruby has had fevers on and off now for two weeks. Her blood cultures showed a candida infection (fungus) straight away and that the bug was susceptible to Caspo Fungun (an IV drug). 
Her blood cultures have been clear since Friday 27 May but the fevers continue. The doctors just don’t know why! 

We are having every test under the sun looking for the source of infection. They are even doubling up the tests now. Our second eye/brain test. And now a PET scan scheduled for tomorrow. That should show us if there is anything and where. 

My heart beats loudly every time we are scheduled for these tests. What if they find something? What if they don’t ? 

It’s been three weeks now we are in hospital. I am tired. I am exhausted. Ruby is too. Life outside seems non existent. I know it will exist again but just not sure when. 

Got now keep smiling. Keep resting. Keep cuddling. 

I love my baby girl. Get well soon. 

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