We have fasted all day for a PET scan. Thankfully able to drink water. Why? Because they need to see if they can find any infection anywhere. Ruby continues to have fevers (although last night she was fever free!).

The process starts with a finger prick. Ruby screamed. She hates them.

Then wrapped in warm blankets and put in a small room whilst injected with dye. She is told to drink water and press the button if she needs to do a wee.

We wait for an hour.

Ruby snores. I wake her intermittently to drink water.

Next step is to lie still in a donut type scan machine while they take pictures of her body.

This I am told is loud and squashy. And takes 20-30 minutes. Crossing my fingers she will lie still and do it. Crossing my fingers we get some answers.

My heart hurts watching my baby go through all of this. I want to take her home. I want her to be well again. I want us to be all together again.

I must wait. And wait I shall. My brave brave girl.

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