Bloody cannula

Ruby had her port taken out and that meant she needed a Cannula to be able to get her drugs and blood transfusions.

In two weeks we have had two cannulas. The second one blew today and so the doctors are trying to put a new one in.

They have had five attempts and my baby has screamed and screamed. She hates it.

Now we wait for the special doctor to arrive to try. They are apparently experts. I hope so!

It’s almost 9pm Ruby was so tired and fell asleep.  Before she nodded off I told her I was going to wake her for the doctors. She nodded her head sadly.

I heard her whispering to herself as she drifted off “now veins” she said “please be good and let the cannula work”.

What a grown up four year old I have. Amazing.

Please let Ruby’s wish come true. We need the cannula in so we can get the drugs in and sleep!

11pm- guru doctor from ICU arrived with special light that can see veins with lights turned off. He found one of Ruby’s veins. Thank goodness. Night night.

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