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I flick through the news websites several times throughout my day. I have ABC and BBC news alerts on my phone. I have always loved the news and love keeping up to date.

But since Ruby’s diagnosis news reports seem so out of place. So unimportant.

A planned ISIS bombing attack averted.

Trump gaining republican nomination.

Floods sweep through Sydney.

Egypt Air crash.

Life is ticking on around me whilst my life is on hold. It seems strange.

My boy Will aged 9 joked recently when visiting us in hospital – “did you know mummy there are now green oranges?” Pointing to the misplaced avocado amongst the oranges at Coles. He continued ” you have been in hospital for so long so many things have changed and that’s one of them – the green orange invention”.

I laughed at how clever he was. A funny joke. But also a sad joke. Three and half weeks without his mum Will is missing me. I am missing him.

He reached for my hand whilst walking around the shops. And did not let go. It felt so nice.

Love you will.

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