Ruby is a star! Today she was filmed with Steve Jacobs for the Gold Telethon.

It was an emotional day. Ed and I were interviewed about our journey and of course I cried.

Talking about where we are. And how we got to this point makes me so emotional. I really just don’t believe it actually.

One day life was perfect. And today it is in tatters. Well we are holding it together but it is certainly not where I thought it would be.

We were supposed to be getting ready for our Fiji holiday. Ruby was going to turn 5 in the sun and ed and I were going to be sipping cocktails. Instead we are in hospital. Trying to get better. Hoping to get better and not knowing when we get to go home.

Ruby was so good with the cameras – told her jokes. Facetimed her boys. Cuddled up to me. And even got to try the camera out. Such a lovely film crew.

The telethon is on this Monday for the queens birthday long weekend. Hope they make bucket loads of money. A worthy cause. The kids need every penny. Dig deep everyone.

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