Fifth weekend

I cannot believe Ruby and I have lived at Randwick children’s hospital for a month. This is our fifth weekend here.

When I left in the early morning of Friday 13 May I never would have imagined that I would still be here on the 11th of June!

Ruby certainly has caught a super bug and the doctors have taken it super serious. We are following their orders. Taking our medicines like a super star. And tracking well. Fingers crossed that continues.

I have to say whilst I am certainly at breaking point I also feel lucky.

How you may wonder ?

The children’s oncology ward is a very happy/sad place filled with stories. Every child has a different cancer at a different stage.

In our room there is an eight year old boy. He was diagnosed December 2015 with low risk leukaemia. Like Ruby. Now in June he is High risk and looking to have a bone marrow transplant from his brother who is a match.

I can’t help But think we could be two clicks from that situation.

Then there is a three year old boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in January. His parents were told there was not much hope as he has something so rare and so advanced.

They continue though with smiles and laughter. His mum was telling me her mother had a stroke in November and died and three months later her son was diagnosed with cancer. A cruel world. Yet she is a beautiful person with life and love in her heart.

These stories are everywhere. They can tear shreds at my already broken soul. But they can also raise me up. Seeing other mums and dads soldiering on empowers me too. It is a strange world I am now in.

I can’t wait to go Home to have a bit of normal back. I long for meaningless stories. Ones that used to be important. What your child eats for dinner? What homework has been done? What activities they are doing? What time they go to bed? What our next holiday will be?

Health is the most important thing. I long to have Ruby healthy again and then worry or chat about the meaningless again.

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