There is so much discussion these days about the ills of fairy princesses and the effect they have or will have on our little boys and girls.

I certainly don’t buy into or agree with the happily ever after as a result of marrying the prince or the tiny waists of the perfect princesses. Nor do I stress these points with my children.  But for all the bad stereotypes these characters portray there needs to be some recognition of the joy they can bring.

My daughter Ruby turned five yesterday. And no doubt like many five year old girls today she loves Elsa from Frozen.

What was so special about Ruby’s birthday was that she was diagnosed with leukaemia in March this year. Ruby turning five was a day we spoke of often together during the trauma of countless blood tests, blood transfusions and chemo sessions.

And what she really wanted was Elsa to come up her party. And the ‘real’ Elsa was able to be there and bring such joy.

Elsa for Ruby is about fantasy. She is a conduit to escape the bad things in hospital. Her music puts a smile on Ruby’s face and puts a spring in her step. Her magical powers allow Ruby to imagine and pretend and be happy.

I for one want to thank Elsa for helping my girl through this journey. Anna is invited next year. Ruby already has the dress. Can’t wait.

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