She’s putting her foot down 

The past four months of treatment have been difficult but really Ruby has been amazingly compliant. Until now ….

Spitting out her tablets. Hiding under her blanket so she does not have to have medicine. Refusing the sleeping medicine gas mask.

I have managed to talk her around to taking her medicine or lying still for the mask but it just requires extra effort. Effort I am afraid I’m not sure I always have. I’m digging deep to find it. And keep patient. Not an easy journey we are on. One I still can’t believe I am on. One I want to just get off but I can’t.

Tears rolled down my face again today as I watched her so unhappily agree to accept the sleeping gas mask be put on her face.

She is five and has been through far too much. As a parent you want to protect your child. I want to say “stuff it we are done goodbye”.

Unfortunately I can’t. So onwards we go with resistance.

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