Life ticks on

It is a strange thing being a parent to a child with cancer.

Our lives have stopped. Well maybe not stopped but certainly changed.

All the while, the world – terrorism and political madness with Trump and Brexit and Pauline Hanson continue – and family and friends lives tick on.

My Facebook feed is full of other people’s happy holiday snaps and mindless rants.

And I would be lying if at times I didn’t wish that was me on that beach or swishing down that ski slope. That my kids could be experiencing that. That we could be carefree again on holiday as a family unit.

I do sometimes wish my biggest problem is what island in Fiji we should go to or trying to get my newborn to sleep.  But really the fact that life ticks on is what keeps me ticking on.

I get lost in other people’s holidays and problems. For a moment I feel a strange sense of normal.

Recently I was sent an email that said ‘I hope it doesn’t feel too painful to see our kids playing outdoors and getting to enjoy the holidays as a family’. I would be lying to say there is not a pang of I want that too. To be carefree on holiday. Why can’t that be me!?

But the reality is my family whilst not on holiday and playing outdoors (it is winter here after all) is still a family unit and still enjoying life in our own way.

Ruby dancing and playing musical statues with her brothers is just beautiful family time. The boys kicking a ball around the park while Ruby rides her new pink bike for the first time yelling out ‘weeee look at me!’ That is amazing.

A holiday in the sun or on the beach or by the lake would most certainly be amazing. But special family time and laughs at home or in hospital or at the park down the road are also special.

The funny thing is you never see on Facebook a status that reads ‘ we all had dinner together tonight and laughed’. It doesn’t seem facebook- worthy/newsworthy.

What this experience has taught me is that it’s the simple things that matter. Not the overseas holidays or the holidays at all. Don’t save up family time or family memories for holidays. It’s the everyday that really matters.  Enjoy the everyday.

We sure have a lot of that at the moment and I am doing my best to enjoy it.

And please keep the holiday snaps coming. To be sure when we are next on holiday I will be filling your inboxes and Facebook feeds! 😜

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