I could hardly believe that today is the first of August.

This year has disappeared.

Ruby was diagnosed with leukaemia in March and the weeks and months have flown by.

This makes me feel sad but also happy that we are moving through time. Hopefully landing in a time that Ruby is well and our lives can restart as a family.

We are still a family but just a different family.

Today was a particularly long day. Shall remember and reflect next 1 August and hope that day is better.

Ruby is home. We are happy about that.

It’s the week in between the next round of chemo of the third stage of treatment. The week where Ruby’s lips blister. The week Ruby feels sick. The week Ruby (this time) has strange red marks on her (neck hand and face). Not an easy time. A week you wish away. But also enjoy because before you know it we are back in hospital for another week of chemo.

There was plenty of good today.

The good of the day was a teddy bears picnic, what’s the time mister wolf, gingerbread races and hiding behind all the teddies. See if you can find Ruby and tommy.

I’m exhausted. Not even 8pm and I’m ready for bed.

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