We are back in hospital this week for the third round of high dose methatrexate.

We know what to expect now so it seems a bit easier. Daunting for me but easier. Knowledge is power.

We are in room 17 isolated with our own bathroom and microwave and fridge. Have to say that is the perks of being isolated and you’ve got to love the quiet at night. The super bug turns out to have been a helpful thing I suppose.

Although I know Ruby  would love to chat to her little friends. Alas- That is our situation and like a true star she has just accepted it.

No real complaints from Ruby other than her eyes being sensitive to light. You can see her struggle with the slightest glare from outside or the tv or iPad. I mentioned it to a few people yesterday and the head doctor Toby this morning.

I have learned to keep asking until someone finds the solution. A light went off in Toby’s head and he thinks it could be a side effect to the voriconizole.

They increased her dose last week to 350 twice a day instead of 300.

The nurse took her blood this morning (from my nudging) to test the voriconizole levels so we should have some answers in the next few days.

In the meantime we sit in a room without lights and the blinds closed. Living like a bat. Why not!?

Today Ruby fasts and we wait for a lumbar puncture. Hopefully we are not last. Then we keep wee–ing day and night and hopefully go home Friday.

Fingers crossed.

Here she is heading to hospital. My style girl!

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