The title of this blog may make you think of farts. I wish. Never thought I would say that!

This smelly gas puts you to sleep and Ruby has to breathe it in right before her operation each time. And it stinks. They say of strawberries. But looking at Ruby’s face as she so obediently breathes it in, it smells more like poo!

This time around – third time with gas – she really did not want the gas. She started to resist until she knew there was no point. As she lay back a tear sparkled in the corner of her eye.

Broke my heart. Again.

She is so brave. So good. So not deserving of this. My precious and funny princess super girl.

Can’t wait for you to wake up. A feast awaits (she has been fasting since 7am). And her starlight prize is waiting. She won the afternoon quiz. Go captain Ruby!

Her prize hand picked by Captain Rainbow.

Ps – a question on the quiz was- what do unicorns farts smell like? Ruby knew immediately. Can you guess? A. Rainbows- b. Strawberries c. Chocolate

(We asked Ruby’s head oncologist doctor this morning – after he told us that the results from Ruby’s lumbar puncture yesterday were excellent (yay!) and did we have any questions – ha ha –  He thought possibly strawberries!)
Answer- rainbows! (Of course)

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