Life is like a game of snakes and ladders 

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The new family hit in the house is ‘snakes and ladders.’ What fun it is! Great for counting. Great for laughing.  Helps teach you how to win gracefully and loose happily. The latter Never easy for adults to learn let alone children.  😀

It’s also a reflection on life.


You can be rolling your dice and climbing ladders proudly and secretly sniggering as you believe you are the winner. Then boom! A snake takes you from 92 to 2. Just like that.

Just like in life. Things can be going along amazingly then boom! Hit rock bottom.

Makes me think about our life.

Ruby’s leukaemia diagnosis hit our family and pushed us (or me) to the bottom. I would definitely say I went from 92 to 2 over night.

But the trick in the game of snakes and ladders is to not lose focus. And not lose confidence and belief. Brush yourself off and keep rolling that dice. You can win the game. Focus. Believe. Don’t give up.

Wise words of the day!

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