And here we are. August 22. The last week of treatment stage three! I can hardly believe two months has past.

This time we have room 8. No fridge. No microwave. No bathroom. But nice and quiet. All happy.

I have learned to love isolation. The quiet. The ability to sleep when we want. It’s priceless really.

Ruby can’t go for a walk or chat to her friends. But a small price to pay for silence and separation from the stories “out there”.

Just popping out to get my bed sheets I run into a mum with a sad story. Her son is in line for a bone marrow transplant. He was due to go this week. The older brother is the donor. But then infection struck. Delay! She is super stressed. Not only for her sick child but her son willing to be the donor.

I tell her I have had a tough week with my boys and she quickly says but you are so lucky you have your husband. My husband she says is either at work till 10pm or home sick.

I looked at her and thought. Wow! You’re right. Focus on what you have Steph.  I have the BEST husband in the world. He is truly incredible. An amazing father and husband. Full of love and laughter and fun.

I am lucky in so many ways.

This week will be over in four days and three nights. Then we will be home and shall tackle stage four. The grand finale. All together. With love and laughter and tears.

Bring it on. Go Ruby!

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