Another hurdle to climb

Just when you can smell the end of this shit more is thrown at us.

I am still absorbing the news. It is not 100 percent confirmed. It will be fine. Just disappointing.

Ruby had a very dangerous fungal infection earlier in the year. It kept us in hospital for 5 weeks. The only two drugs it responds to is voriconizole and Caspo fungan. They have it still in the lab.

The first drug – Vori- she has been doing every morning and night (7 mini tablets). The second drug can only be given via IV. The latter she was having in hospital prior to discharge then we switched to Vori when we went home.

Now we are about to start the fourth treatment stage and Vori does not work with one of the chemos being administered. This means we have to change the drug. To Caspo fungan.

This means come to hospital every day!

We thought we would be here once a week. That seemed joyful. To be told so nonchalantly that we will need to come every day (the weekends may be negotiable) is shocking.

Final details will be provided tomorrow.

The access together with logistics is what will need to be ironed out. Ruby’s port will need to be accessed for the Caspo fungan. And each time it is accessed it is an infection risk. It was suggested that they may keep the access in for the week.

My Mind is racing. Breathe deeply and embrace. It will be fine.

Without the drug she is at risk of another Fungal Infection. We have no choice.

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