Hope not fear

I woke this morning to read an article from a woman called Briony. She is the head of Wenona, a girls school in North Sydney. Ruby has her name down there for high school.

Briony was diagnosed with lung cancer one year ago. And today is back at work filled with hope not fear.

Her article spoke of the thankless work done by oncology nurses. Heroes that don’t make news headlines for their kindness and genuine love. Doctors who speak of “worse case scenarios” and appear serious, when really they are “hopeless romantics giving their all for a happy ending”. And the all Important researchers who search for hours and days and years for a cure without much funding or recognition.

I read this article with tears in my eyes as I lie next to Ruby as she sleeps. My Ruby has leukaemia (a well researched curable cancer). She is doing the hard yards of treatment to get to the finish line and re commence her young five year old life.

Today I woke with fear as my baby girl has a big red rash on her face and hands and neck. I woke with fear as she is not clearing her chemo from her body as quickly as the other three times. And I suppose I woke with fear because being in a cancer ward for a week, surrounded by stories of sadness and hardship, makes you scared.

But reading Briony’s article reinforced the importance of hope. Hope keeps us focused and moves us forward. Hope makes us happy and alive. Hope is what I need to focus on.

Thank you for the timing of the article Briony.


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