It’s been a strange start to our two weeks off treatment. This is the calm, the recovery, before the next stage of treatment.

Our aupair of 18 months gave notice. She is leaving at the end of September.

My initial reaction was ‘please don’t go’ but then I thought ‘change is as good as a holiday’.

So now added to all that my brain is full of is finding a new aupair. We have actioned the agency we used to find out first aupair and meeting/ chatting to two girls this week.

I did question if we needed another aupair but decided we do. We need an aupair living here in case Ruby is ill in the night or has prolonged stays in hospital. We need someone to guarantee stability to the boys lives.

I am sure we will find the right person. Shall Let you know.

Other things on my mind – Ruby vomiting each morning (poor little thing), Ruby’s peeling hands and neck ( getting better but a constant worry),  Ruby’s bleeding lips(definitely getting better), Ruby’s inability to walk properly.

All this has become our new normal. Strangely.

I am a big believer that when we return for the next stage of chemo Ruby will be amazing. Her body would have been given time to recover. Time off to heal.

So for now this is what we do each day.

We wake.

We vomit.

We do pills.

We eat a little – breakfast can be anything from toast and vegemite or Nutella to an icy pole or chocolate biscuit.

Then we do craft.

Watch tv.

Play imaginary games.

And today face timed Ruby’s preschool class for news. It was Ruby’s first time seeing her classmates for 6 months.

Ruby took control. Confidently spoke to them all. And we smiled through it all. My Wonder Woman definitely.

Somehow the days tick by. Tick us closer to the end. Today was special. Every day is really. That is something I have learned.

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