The moods

It is taking every Ounce of patience for me not to explode. Ruby has started steroids and the side effects include mood swings. And boy is that true!

Ruby goes from being her lovely self to a little girl in a rage. Then she gets depressed and is super sad and can’t stop crying.

My heart is already broken and this treatment stage is just chipping away at what is left.

I am chief hospital person on this one as Ruby only wants me. As much as I would like to outsource a morning to ed I can’t. I made a promise that I would be by this little girls side in hospital. She wants me. She gets me.

I just have to breathe and breathe and breathe.

They say Ruby will return to normal once the steroids end so roll on 5 weeks never have I wished my life away as I have this year. Ruby deserves for this to end. We all do.

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