Half way through 2a with a massive hunger once more

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Ruby has now completed two of the four chemos scheduled for this stage of treatment. It feels amazing.

She is amazing.

She just lies there as the chemo is pumped into her little body. Never complains. Just accepts that this is her life and this is what she has to do.

I can see in her face that she is over it. And it breaks my heart. I just wish I could be the one in the hospital bed and not my Ruby.

The chemo combined with the steroids and Caspo fungan and acyclovir and bactrum – too many drugs- makes this stage tough.

The steroids increase Ruby’s hunger to a ridiculous amount. By 12pm today Ruby had consumed

4 pieces of toast

A ham and cheese pizza

A sausage roll

Spaghetti bolognaise

Crazy days. Needless to say she has gained two kilos in two weeks!

Love you Ruby. 

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