Emergency again – and a special meeting 

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Just when we were going so well Ruby woke me up at around 2am crying saying her chest hurt and she could not breathe.

I took her temperature. It was normal.

I tried to calm her. She cooperated.

We called the hospital Cancer ward and they said to come in. As one nurse just said ‘you can’t ignore chest pain ‘.

We were greeted like long lost friends. Nurses I had not seen before knew us. So incredible.

Quickly Ruby was seen to by the doctor on call. A chest X-ray and an ecg quickly happened. All seemed ok. Some panadol administered. And sleep! And surprisingly we both did actually sleep.

The one incredible thing that happened was meeting Jess again.

When nurse Jess walked in she looked familiar. She said ‘ do you remember me?’ I said yes. She then explained she was our first nurse when we were diagnosed.

My eyes filled with tears.

This was the nurse we had been looking for to thank. She was amazing. A night when the worst news was delivered she played with Ruby and kept her laughing. She even showed us the fairy garden out the window.

I was so thankful to see Jess again. Tell her we nominated her for a special nursing award. And thank her in person. Jess you are a very special person.

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