The last few days our home has been filled with giggles and laughter. Ruby has had a really tough five weeks of chemo and steroids. The steroids made Ruby so very sad and empty. Laughter was not really in existence (other than super granddad jokes).

The steroids have ended and Hannah has moved in.

Hannah is one special girl. She is an Aussie from the country and shines. She and Ruby have formed an instant bond filled with dressing up and baking and craft and flower arranging and board games and den building. Non stop fun and laughter.

Today marks her first week living in our house and it is like she has always been a part of our lives. She connects with the boys too. 

Tommy looks at Hannah with adoration as she plays the guitar and does origami. Will and Max write maths and mind challenges for her. It is hilarious.

We are blessed. And the best bit I am getting time to relax. Returned to yoga today after almost two months off. It felt great.

Thank you super Hannah.

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