With news that my daughter had leukaemia I expected my girlfriends to rally around and make a meal or two and pop in for a cuppa.

And that they surely have.

What I didn’t expect was their husbands and partners popping around bearing gifts and meals and flowers.

Tears welled in my eyes when I opened my front door to my friends husband standing there with flowers. ‘Thought you might like these flowers to brighten your day’.

Or when I opened the door to a man holding the biggest piece of Parmesan cheese and home made pesto. ‘I thought this could help feed your family.’

Or my friends husband standing at the door with beer wine and kitty litter and cat food and a scratching pole for the soon-arrival Of our two kittens. ‘I thought I would get you started with the things you need for your kittens’.

Or my male work Colleague early in our journey drove to our house with a delicious meal and later a beautiful rainbow book for Ruby. Both such thoughtful acts. So greatly appreciated. This friend always checks in with emails and calls and I can’t thank him enough for his genuine connection and real Kindness.

These are just some examples of what I am calling ‘man-kind’.

Such incredible kindness and intuition from these strong successful men to care and have the courage to come to our home and be so thoughtful.

My heart is so full of stories like this that have made me strong and kept me focused on getting Ruby well. So many people care. It’s really wonderful.

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