Ruby and I have just ended two eight hour hospital days. In isolation. I am exhausted.

The Wednesday was a lumbar puncture and chemo into her back plus a chemo injection. And today Thursday was six hours of chemo and a chemo Injection.

My beautiful Girl just lay there and accepted it all. We got to cuddle a lot – decorate cookies – and best of all we did lots of chatting together.

I asked her today what she wanted to do when she was well. She listed lots of things.

Go on holiday to daydream island. That was the last holiday we had together (January 2016) before Ruby got sick.

Go on a picnic and take sandwiches and water. This made me laugh.

Have a play date at home with her friends. Olive was top of list as was big Ruby.

Go to preschool. Be in the play and get her bible. I told her I could sit with her when she was doing that and she she said ‘no mum. You have to sit where mums sit. I will be ok you know!’  What an amazing girl.

Go on holiday again. Terrigal this time.

Go to a swimming pool. But not swimming lessons!

Go to ballet lessons.

Start big school.

I cannot believe what an amazing girl I have. She is strong. She is brave. And she is ready to fly away. This experience has not made her weak at all. It has made her even more determined. It has made her super strong.

I feel like a shell. I feel weak. I will be the one crying as I wave her off back into the real World. I’m scared but can’t wait.

I am so excited for Ruby.

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