Each morning I have been in hospital a blood sister will come around and take blood. Very efficient and fast. I know this system well and the colour of their shirts from all the blood Ruby has had taken.

This morning I was seen by the lovely team of doctors who said I can go home today by lunch. They will send me home with discharge antibiotics and a letter. As well as a follow up to see a doctor in 2-3 weeks. All exciting. I feel great. So can’t wait.

As soon as they turned their backs the blood sister arrived to take my blood. She had my form and wanted my blood. I told her I was going home today so I don’t think I need to give blood as I am being discharged. She asked for my letter. I told her I don’t have it yet but the doctors were just here and getting the letter for me.

She looked at me and said do I write on the blood form patient refused? (In a heavy Russian accent)  I said yes. She wrote the word REFUSED and walked out.

Crazy times.

Ruby would have laughed and given me a thumbs up!

Crazy morning.

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