I lie in my hospital bed trawling the internet looking for news of this big Tuesday. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Long voting lines. People being rude to each other on Facebook. Hillary and Trump both in NY voting. What an amazing day!

The day we find out if America (well the world really) will be led by the first female president of America – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, a man with openly rascist views who vows to turn back the clock on women’s reproductive rights and has the Klu Klux Klan supporting him.
I am terrified.

How we have even come to this is incredible. It amazes me that the Republican Party would put forward a man like Trump.

Having lived in America for more than 10 Years I have Republican and democrat friends. I respect both of them and their voting choices  (even when they voted for Bush) but can’t imagine my Republican friends today voting for Trump. I am scared to ask or know.

America please do the right thing. My Facebook profile picture says it all. Go Hillary #imwithher

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