I’ve had to take a back seat these last few days due to an emergency appendicitis. This has slowed me down completely and allowed me to just sit or rather lie back and watch Ruby or listen from the other room.

We have been so fortunate to have an incredible Aupair join us called Hannah. Hannah is full of love and energy and fun ideas. She has a real connection with Ruby and Ruby absolutely loves her.

Ruby is now laughing and moving and making jokes and has that spark back in her beautiful blue eyes. Hannah is helping putting that back and I feel so lucky and grateful.

Life is so very much about the people you surround yourself with. And for Ruby this saying rings true. Hannah’s energy and love of life has arrived into Ruby’s life just at the right time. It’s contagious. Ruby is coming back and I am so excited.

We have a meeting with our head oncology doctor next week. We will then discuss maintenance. What it all means and when Ruby can start. It’s so exciting And scary.

My Appendicitis is out of the way. Mums two heart attacks are out of the way. And let’s now put Ruby’s cancer out of our way too.

Time to live this wonderful life and continue to watch Ruby grow and blossom. And grab back the fun we had, the care free life we had, albeit differently, but I know it’s coming back.

Below are some pics pre diagnosis when we had no idea what was ahead of us.

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