A week to the day I was rushed by ambulance to have my appendix taken out, I am back in hospital with Ruby.

She woke up Coughing a lot and then I noticed a skin rash on her face indicative of low platelets. This is something you just cannot ignore.

So the usual drill started and I packed our bags and off we went.

Ruby was accepting and just understood this had to happen. I was panicking (inside) as I hate emergency and my stomach still hurt from my surgery five days ago.

Blood tests were taken and my suspicions were confirmed. Ruby’s platelet count at an all time low of 7. Crap!

The process of ordering platelets and ensuring cover for the platelets began. Ruby is actually allergic to platelets and requires cover before she has them.

This all happened and by 530pm we drove home. That’s a full working day 9-530pm. Without a break for lunch!

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