And this is what the first week of maintenance looks like …

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We were told on Wednesday (two days ago)  that Ruby’s bloods had improved and so we could start maintenance.

I felt nothing.

I was supposed to jump up and down and be excited. To be honest I am so tired and numb that I can’t celebrate really. Although ed and I did go out for dinner and had a pizza to celebrate. Woo Hoo!

Of course I am happy. We are out of the crap stage and now have 14 months of a daily chemo tablet and a weekly chemo tablet. Ruby will have her bloods monitored to make sure her counts stay high. And God willing we coast through this stage and ring the bell March 2018.

Ruby is now allowed to return to normal life including preschool visits wearing her new school Uniform, class photo and we got our two new kittens – banjo and sunshine. Love love love.

I feel Anxious and nervous to go back to life. It will take time. But we have done it. Time to breathe. Time for me. Time for Ed and I as a couple. Time to live again.

One day at a time.

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