So we survived Christmas with laughter and fun and are now on the countdown to the end of the year.

Saturday is New Year’s Eve. Goodbye 2016. What a year.

Ed and I did not write a newsletter this year for family and friends. Couldn’t really recap the year we have had in a page or two. It’s just been so intense and nothing as I would have imagined. It has also been far from happy and to be honest it’s been a blur. March to December has merged together and somehow we are here.

Ruby is going great despite various things that are now our normal – a limp and red skin and the occasional vomit. And loads of pills she takes every day!

She certainly has sun sensitivities and her hands and arms are red. The heat and sun is not her friend. She still walks with a limp. But manages to get everywhere she needs to be. Her eyes squint in the sun. Sunglasses are now a must. And she feels nauseous sometimes and will vomit.

But that’s all good. We are fever free. Touch wood. We have energy. We are laughing. We are being bossy. We cuddle. We kiss. We sleep well every night.

Ruby has been swimming. We have been out to dinner. Had a visit to the beach. Played with our beautiful cheeky kittens.

Life is good.

2017 I am excited for your arrival but also very scared. I have a lot of expectations on you to be better. I want no drama. I want to fly under the radar. I want health. I want happiness. I want peace.

Is that too much to ask?

The sip of champagne at midnight will be like no other. We are all still here. And we plan to be better than ever in 2017.

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